Basic Structural Analysis Textbook by C S Reddy Free Download Pdf

By | February 14, 2017

Basic Structural Analysis Textbook by C S Reddy Free Download Pdf. The new edition of this book presents the basic principles of classical and matrix structural analysis. It provides a smooth transition from the classical approaches that are based on physical behavior of structures in terms of their deflected shapes to a formal treatment of a general class of structures by means of matrix formulation in order to understand how the structural problems can be formulated in order to make them suitable for computer programming.

Salient Features

  • Offers complete coverage with respect to both classical and matrix approaches.
  • The scope of fixed beams is enlarged by including a large number of worked-out examples covering point loads, uniform and varying loads, applied couples and effect of sinking and rotation of supports
  • Includes tension coefficient method in the analysis of plane trusses and space trusses
  • Includes computer programs with flow charts on flexibility and stiffness matrix methods.
  • Applied step by step problem solving methodology for all solved examples.
  • Pedagogy:
  • Solved Examples: 253
  • Practice Question: 220
  • Objective Type Questions: 190

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